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Premium Boiler Training Courses and Services in Malaysia

Skill Energy focus in boiler training and related services through out Malaysia. We have very good relation with many boiler manufacturers and user .

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Boiler Courses

We are setting up various boiler training courses for company who want to improve their internal boiler awareness & knowledge.

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Boiler VE Engineer

Malaysia government requires all factory with boiler facility has to assign with qualified boiler engineers or boiler VE. In Skill Energy, we do have qualified boiler VE engineers to support the industry.

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Dust Emission Control System

Biomass boiler are required to perform Dust Emission Control System to ensure the air discharge to atmosphere fulfill government requirement. Many mill have installed ESP (Electrostatic Persipitator) for improving dust emission.

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Boiler Maintenance

Boiler facility requires consistent maintenance program to ensure the boiler operation maintain at design capacity, Skill Energy does help miller to perform major maintenance and overhaul service.

Boiler Industry Highlight

Why Palm Oil Mill Has High Dust Emission Count

Malaysia government has implemented a tighter dust emission requirement; the new requirement will be fully implemented start from June 2019.  Many palm oil factories which installed with biomass boiler are all required to improve their dust emission control fulfilling this […]

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How Dust Emission Control System Could Help

Recently many biomass boiler users have the needs to implementing dust control emission system and effective dust collector for their plant.  Every palm oil mill comes with own biomass boiler for own steam and electric used within the process.  From […]

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